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Bro Love

Yesterday I was walking through Safeway. I was coming around a corner and there was a young man, perhaps 30 years old, in button down shirt and tie. As he rounded the corner another young man, similar age and dress, was coming in the opposite direction. And Bam! Bro Love happened.


The two were obviously old friends and both immediately dropped the shirt and tie façade and fell right handshake-bro-shake4-630x472into the college Bro Love scene. “Dude”, the first, exclaimed as they immediately did the Bro Love handshake – high arm handclasp and chest bump. “Dude! Man how ya doing! God I haven’t seen you in ages Bro!”


Bro Love. It’s cute. It’s funny. It’s totally different than what girls do.


I’ve seen both my sons do this; but not my husband. It’s definitely a generation thing, and I wonder often, behind an amused smile, will this be a lifelong ritual that will endure for men of this generation? I hope so.


While visiting my youngest son last week in San Luis Obispo I stayed in his house rather than getting a hotel. His current roommates, three guys who all went to high school together, didn’t seem too bothered byawkward-bro-hug-1 me.   I was amused by the Bro talk in the house. One of the roommates actually had his 21st birthday while I was there. That was humorous for me to watch. The roommates took him through the rite and made sure he had a good time and was safe. Next morning “Hey man how ya do’n Bro?” “Dude, I can’t go to class. I can’t do it Man.” “What Dude? Really?” “Yeah Bro I’m hurting. Gotta go back to bed.” “Okay Dude, take it easy. Let me know whatcha need.” “Thanks Man.”


Bro Love. It seems sincere. It feels so much more genuine than how many girls and women talk to each other. Women, girls can be often caddy and shallow. Not always, but often. Maybe its because I only have sons that I find the Bro Love so endearing. Whatever the reason, I adore it. We females should practice a more sincere form of Girl Love.


Bro Love. Dude. It looks good on you.


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