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Happy Goats = Happy Chevre








It was a fun day today discovering something right in my own backyard.  Fresh chèvre being made at a stunningly beautiful farm in the shadow of Mount Rainier. My new discovery – Mountain Lodge Farm.

Turns out I knew about this farm, but didn’t really understand how incredible it was, until I read this month’s Sunset Magazine and found a story about the award winning operation.  A young lady I have known for many years works there, but I didn’t realize all that was happening until I read the article.  So, I couldn’t miss the open house scheduled for today.

Serious rain and thunder didn’t seem to bother the goats, or the “herds” of guests who showed up for today’s event.  Goats are easy to fall in love with, particularly when they are only 6 days old.  And even the older goats are endearing. Each of them seemed to have their own personality.  They are very smart and came running when I pulled out my camera – wanting to be the center of my attention and lens.

Spring brings both “kids” as well as the finished chèvre cheese maker Meghan McKenna creates. Samples of the tangy, fresh and creamy cheese were available to guests in the brand new state of the art cheese making facility. We brought several packages of the flavorful cheese home.

Want to check it out yourself?  Mountain Lodge Farm will have another open house on Saturday May 11th.  Or check out their website to learn which area Farmer’s Markets you can find Mountain Lodge Farm Cheese.




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