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Living in Limbo

My beautiful home on the market.

My beautiful home on the market.

I’ve been talking about it for nearly two years now, the fact our house is going on the market.  I’ve spent the past year purging, selling, packing, scrubbing, repairing and, in my normal obsessive-compulsive way, organizing every inch of my home for the sale.

Well the time is here.  Officially we are on the market this Thursday.  But the waiting game is already in force at my house.  I am living in Limbo.

Normally I would be busy this time of year doing craft projects, particularly quilting.  But, my quilting room is spit-shine clean, so no projects.  Normally I would also be already outside doing winter yard clean up, planting sweet peas, pruning.  But again, its all done and ready for show.  Winter is usually when my husband is busy in the garage, projects, repairs and making beer.  But not this year.  In fact, I don’t even recognize our garage.  It’s never been this clean.

We take our shoes off when we enter the house.  I won’t let my husband use the powder room (go upstairs honey).  I’m even buying fewer groceries, not wanting to stock up on stuff I’ll ending up packing or throwing out.

We are living in Limbo.  I hope Limbo is just a quick stop on our road to the rest of our lives.

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