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Mucho Gusto Chile! And a Happy Birthday Too!

Today is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me. I am 55 today. The Big Five Five. Double Nickels. Yep, half way through those Fabulous Fifties!!!


I am spending my fifty-fifth birthday cruising through the Magellan Straight and Chilean Fjords in southern Chile. I’m pretty sure this will be a birthday I won’t soon forget. It got me thinking this morning about passing this day on the calendar fifty-five times. I don’t remember them all, but I remember many, many of those birthdays:


1964 – I remember turning four. J.P. Patches (the local morning T.V. clown) said my name on TV and told me to look under my bed for a present. It was an accordion. Magical.


1966 – I remember turning six. We had just moved into a new town. Scary.


1970 – I remember my tenth birthday party -I even remember my cake. Pink Champagne. Delicious.


1972 – I had a slumber party on my 12th birthday. Exhausting.


1975 – I remember my 15th birthday. I was a cheerleader and we had a basketball game the night of my birthday. Everyone sang to me. Embarrasing.


1976 – the first birthday I spent with the man (boy) who would later become my husband. Romantic.


1977 – my 17th birthday started with my high school girl friends getting me out of bed at 5am to go to breakfast before school. Awesome.


1981 – My 21st birthday. I spent it at “The Coug” the infamous tavern at the college I went to. Painful.


1983 – I turned 23 and celebrated my first birthday as a married woman. I remember I received a watch as a gift from my husband.


1987 – My first birthday as a Mom. Beautiful.


1990 – My husband gave me a 30th birthday party and he used the Christmas lights to put a giant 30 on the roof of the house. Hilarious.


1991 – I turned 31 just nine days after my second son was born. That same week Desert Storm began.


2000 – I turned forty and celebrated with a huge party at our local watering hole the Tides Tavern (noteworthy, I can’t remember any birthdays between 1991 and 2000 while I had little kids at home!) Memorable.


2010 – We returned to that same watering hole to celebrate the BIG 5-0! Empowering.1655890_10205969880354400_1491400087939693806_n


There are many other fabulous memories, but the point of this telling is how important our memories and our history is, and yet, looking forward has much greater value. Today as I spend this day in the beautiful and surprising country of Chile I think about the adventures ahead for me. I never have allowed myself, nor do I intend to now, to think, feel or behave “old”. Old is not a destiny. Living is.


Life worth living – fifty-five and beyond. Fifty-five and alive.


Let’s be fabulously alive in 2015 together. Thank you for your continued support of


Go. Be. Fabulous!

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