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Day Three in Austin


We were a little slow getting moving this morning, feeling a bit funkadoodle. Too much alcohol? Too much rich food? Too much loud music? Too much humidity?


Maybe just too much Texas. (Wink)

Texas Tea at Stubbs

Texas Tea at Stubbs


But following a nice long walk from our hotel back to the Red River district we found ourselves ready to imbibe and enjoy a couple of Texas traditions; Stubbs BBQ and Texas Tea.


Honestly I was expecting a little bit more from Stubbs – since it makes all the “best of” lists. Don’t get me wrong. It was good. Just not spectacular. I loved the funky old building and the history of the place – and granted some of that is what keeps people coming back. Stubbs also is well known for the amazing bands that play in their very small music venue. Unfortunately for us though, we won’t be seeing music at Stubbs. But instead we enjoyed a very large BBQ lunch that included fried green tomatoes, pulled pork, chipped beef, sausage, BBQ chicken, beef brisket (by far my favorite part of the meal), pork ribs, potato salad, mac and cheese, collard greens and green chili spinach.


Yes it was a ton of food – washed down with my new favorite drink Texas Tea (tea flavored vodka, sweet iced tea and lemonade).

Stubbs Famous BBQ

Stubbs Famous BBQ


We rolled out of Stubbs (literally) and down the sidewalk trying to decide what to do next. We had intended on renting bikes today, but after that gigantic meal it no longer seemed like a good idea. So we just began to walk. We ended up walking to South Austin- a super funky and fun neighborhood, very residential and reminiscent of Fremont in Seattle. I loved the vibe and seeing a part of the city with a bit more grunge. Every building from retail, residential and commercial had an individual personality full of color and life. I loved it.


Eating outdoors at one of many food truck venues is a Texas tradition. We noted several in South Austin we hope to return to – when we are hungry – which might be never – after that giant meal at Stubbs.


Our evening on this third day was to participate in one of Austin’s not to be missed Texas

Austin City Limits

Austin City Limits

Traditions – a night at Austin City Limits. Austin City Limits is the longest running musical television show in American history – first airing in October 1974 with Willie Nelson. When I went to buy tickets I had one open night to choose and I was willing to take any act available. The act was Jack Ingram with opening act Jimmy Kimmel. Well that sounded awesome so I bought the tickets. What it did not make clear on the website was this was a charity fundraiser night that would include multiple musical groups, and even more importantly the charity effort was part of a non-profit organization of Matthew McConaughey’s. Yes – that Matthew McConaughey. I was not expecting to see him come out on stage but he did and it made the evening that much more interesting,


And honestly it confirmed for me what I have been saying all along – the Texans are a

Texas son Matthew McConaughey

Texas son Matthew McConaughey

different breed. Dedicated and committed to their roots and their state all while being sincere and friendly and, well, down right awesome. Not just Matthew (yeah we are on a first name basis now) but everyone we have met. To be Texan means something – born fabulous.


Thanks Austin for a great three days. Tomorrow we head south to San Antonio where I expect the Texas hospitality to be bolder, brighter and even more – Texan.



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