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The Last Supper – at Last!!

The Last Supper at Last

Seven months ago we spent Christmas in Italy’s Lake Como region with our sons.  It was a lovely time of year to be in Italy.  We spent two nights in Milano, specifically so I could check one item off of my bucket list; seeing  DaVinci’s The Last Supper.

I’ve seen a lot of great art and religious relics in my travels.  And all though I am not an art aficionado or a religious person, I still am fascinated by the world’s masterpieces.

So we booked a tour in Milano to visit The Last Supper in December.  But, it was not meant to be.  Within hours of our arrival in Milano I got terribly ill and spent the next two days in bed, missing our tour and The Last Supper.  My two sons went ahead and did the tour, while my husband stayed and tended me in bed.

So when we began planning to return to Italy this summer, I finagled our itinerary for one quick night in Milano – for no other reason but to see The Last Supper.

Today, once again I wasn’t sure it was going to happen.  Our train was delayed for several hours, we missed our connection and we were cutting it so tight.  Rebooking on another train in Genoa, we finally arrived in Milano more than two hours late.

The Milano Central train station is a massive and difficult-to-maneuver facility.  We spent 20 minutes trying to find the information center for directions to our hotel.  We decided to just check our bags and hop on the Metro instead and try to make the tour.

Another 20 minutes passed as we got the bags checked and tried to get our credit card to work in the Metro ticket booth.  We got in line at the help desk and finally purchased two tickets to the Duomo to meet our tour.

We made it with 20 minutes to spare.  Phew.

Seven months and a lot of running around. And it was worth it.  Much larger than I expected, The Last Supper is stunning in it’s delicacy, its detail, its heritage.  Remarkable in the way DaVinci captured a precise moment in time.  It’s not a painting of a supper…it’s a painting of a very specific moment – you can clearly see the detail in each characters expression, body language and emotion at the moment Jesus is saying “one among you will betray me”.  Unlike any other painting of the era. The Last Supper is stunning that it has survived time and neglect and exposure to the elements including being left exposed for twenty years after the church was bombed in WWII.  Stunning in the way it has defined a religion and a large part of the world. Stunning the impact this painting has had, still today 600 years later.

The Last Supper – Check!

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