Travel Around the World

The Toilet Paper Totem

Chapter Five

Last July when we were on Chapter Two of the Grand Adventure (our 400 mile bike ride), we pilfered a roll of toilet paper from a hotel room.

I thought we might need a roll of toilet paper on our bike ride, so just in case I took a roll – about half a roll actually.

We never ended up needing it.

When we were packing for Chapter Three (Ireland, Scotland, England and Norway) we tossed the TP into the suitcase just in case. Never used it.

In  September, as we were packing for the road trip with Betty, I asked Arne “Should we bring this”?  He said “Well, it’s kinda a good luck charm now”.  So it went on the 9800 mile  road trip with us. Never used it.

Of course it now is our totem. A talisman. Our survivor immunity reward. Once again I have it packed. Our T.P. Totem.

I’ll  take good luck in whatever form it comes!

Chapter five begins in 8 days.

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