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Weekend Away! Road Trip with Betty to Pacific Beach WA

IMG_8913About a month ago my husband and I made a purchase and it looks like this.


Introducing “Betty”, our “new” Vintage 1961 11-foot Aloha Trailer. Isn’t she a beauty? If there has been any question in your mind about whether I like to have fun in My Fab Fifties, you can now have a definitive answer. Yes I do. And Betty is part of the plan.


We weren’t exactly shopping for a Vintage Trailer, but we had talked about it off and on. We also had talked about a new trailer, but after pricing the new ones we decided that was not in the cards.


Then, there was Betty – in all her pink glory – on Craigslist and calling my name. The next thing I knew, we were the proud owners of a teeny little Pepto-Bismol bedroom on wheels. And now the fun begins.


We headed out last weekend to Pacific Beach on the Washington Coast near Moclips. My husband and I both think we were there as kids, but didn’t really remember it. So off we went on a Friday afternoon.


First thing we learned –


Driving down the road you really turn some heads pulling a hot pink trailer.


Pacific Beach State Park is very small, and the sites are all very close together, but it’s worth it to be right onIMG_8912 the beautiful sandy beach. I seriously could not remember ever being on the Washington coast and having such exceptional weather. It was sunny and low 80’s all weekend, but it was really windy. I loved hearing the crashing waves through the night.


Second thing we learned –


Strangers like to come talk to you about Betty. I felt a little bad, cause they had lots of questions and I had to keep telling them we just got Betty and I really don’t know much about Vintage Trailer Restoration. I did know the website to send them to however!


IMG_8471Very tiny Betty has a very tiny bed. But it wasn’t the tiny bed that made it difficult to sleep it was the so-called mattress. I began to make a list of all the things we needed to outfit Betty with in order to make our weekend trips a bit more comfy; a pad for the bed now at the top of the list.


We got up early Saturday and headed out on our bikes. It was a gloriously sunny day and we enjoyed riding about 50 miles. We rode through the darling town of Seabrook on our way to the adjoining town of Ocean Shores. Ocean Shores is an awesome place to ride because it is so flat. We had a picnic on the beach and watched a darling little wedding taking place right in front of us. That was a special treat. The ride back to Pacific Beach was tough though, as we headed into a strong headwind and it took us a long time. We passed through a teeny little town called Aloha. Certainly a tribute to Betty I thought!


Arriving back at the campground I slipped into my swimsuit to catch a few late afternoon rays on this unusually sunny coastal day.


Third thing we learned –IMG_8917


The trailer is great but the awning is even better. The awning creates an additional “room”, essentially doubling the size of Betty. Worth the investment for any Vintage Trailer consideration. Plus it’s cute!


Betty doesn’t have a stove, yet, but cooking on our camp stove worked just fine. We may add a stove to Betty down the road, but for now, we enjoyed several gourmet meals on our “Glamping” trip with the propane-powered camp stove. In fact, one of the things I really enjoyed was creating a menu for our weekend that was as good, if not better, than what we might be eating at home, all without spending additional money in restaurants. The idea really is IMG_8916to use Betty as both a hotel room and a restaurant and save money and have fun at the same time.


Fourth thing we learned –


You can have a weekend get-away for less than $100.


After dinner we headed to the beach and built a bonfire and watched the sunset. We shared our fire with a little girl who just wanted to roast one marshmallow. It was sweet. It wasIMG_8968 beautiful. It was relaxing. It was romantic.


I slept like a log on the beach.


Sunday morning after breakfast we headed out on the bikes again early. Checkout time at the Washington State Park was not until 1pm so we had several hours riding to Tahola on a deserted but paved state road along the coast through the Quinault Indian Reservation. Tahola is at the end of the road – IMG_8939literally. So very little traffic made the ride very nice.


We returned to the campground and got Betty put together and ready for homebound road trip. I’m working on figuring out how to store items so they don’t bounce around or break and the size of Betty actually makes that pretty easy.


We pulled out and drove the 15 miles to Ocean Shore and parked Betty in a State Park lot there and then got on the bikes to ride for a few more hours.


Fifth thing we learned –


Size does matter. Betty is compact and easy to park, easy to pull and easy to maneuver.


We spent a few more hours riding and discovered areas of Ocean Shores that I had no idea even existed, IMG_8977even though I have been to OS many times. That was an added bonus. We were amazed at how many homes were for sale though. A bit shocking; nearly every other house!


But all good things must end and it was time to head home with Betty. It was also time for me to get behind the wheel and get a feel for driving with Betty behind. I drove most of the way home and it was pretty easy. You feel the difference but it’s not too significant. Pulling Betty definitely affects the gas mileage (she weighs 1100 lbs.) but other than that it is not significantly different. I haven’t tried backing Betty up yet, that will be a future lesson. Its possible that in the future I may want to take Betty out on trips by myself, so learning to do this on my own is important.


Sixth thing we learned –


IMG_8468Betty is light enough that you can maneuver her into spaces by hand if necessary.


Betty is now a welcome part of our family and I think we will have lot of fun with her. We plan to take her on another test drive in a few weeks. I’m thinking a Route 66 Road trip next summer too!


You can come along! Go. Be. Fabulous! With Betty!


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