And All the Rest

Well Hellooooo Betty!

I’d like to introduce you to my newest family member. Her name is Betty and she is FABULOUSLY 53.IMG_8463


IMG_8500Betty is a 1961 Vintage Aloha 12 foot Travel Trailer. And I think she is awesome. Betty exudes fabulousness IMG_8481and is frankly a testament to my Fabulous Fifties Life.


Why is she so fabulous? Let me tell you!


Betty has been around the block a few times. Just like me.

Betty has a few bumps and scars and shows her age here and there. Just like me.

IMG_8475Betty needs a bit of work, but has good bones. Just like me.

Betty has a style all her own and isn’t concerned what other people think. Just like me.IMG_8469

Betty just wants to have fun in her Fabulous Fifties. Just like me.

Betty is loud and proud. Just like me.

Betty is sweet and sassy. Just like me.

Betty is living each day without excuses or regrets. Just like me.

Betty is NOT letting her age relegate her to the back forty while those younger and newer models have all the fun. Just like me.


IMG_8478Betty is my kindred spirit. Just another fun way to continue this awesome ride I’m on in my Fabulous IMG_8471Fifties. And don’t you think for a moment that my husband is ashamed to be seen with fabulous (and very pink) Betty. He is not. My husband long ago learned to smile and hang on tight as we have fun – in our life – in our fifties – and now in Betty.


More Betty Blogs in the future…. let’s Go. Be. Fabulous! With Fabulous Betty!!IMG_8360

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