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You May Not Hear From Us For Awhile

But Then Again – You Might

Just in case this blog goes quiet for awhile – please don’t worry and please don’t give up on us!

The reality is there is no free speech in Vietnam, where we will be for the next month. Vietnam shut down Facebook, Twitter and even Word Press awhile ago because these were being used to criticize the government.

Seems kinda funny considering the current situation in the USA. But not funny.

We had a similar issue when we were in China a few years ago, but were able to find a way around it for Facebook. Hopefully we can do that again.

But if not, there is a lot about Facebook I certainly won’t miss. It’s gotten pretty exhausting weeding through the nasty. But I do like keeping in touch with good friends and family.

However Facebook and especially Word Press are critical to the success of this blog. And I love to blog and share the news of our Grand Adventure with all of you!

If we disappear for awhile try looking for us on Instagram. It’s my understanding that is not banned. Instagram is where we share beautiful photos – with nearly no politics or negative speak. If you haven’t tried Instagram I recommend it for a nice uplifting and positive addition to your social media world.

Otherwise, maybe it will be a month until you hear from us. And if that’s the case I sure will have a lot to share by that time!

On to Vietnam! Go. Be. Fabulous!

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