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A Bowl of Goodness

The Lunch Lady – Ho Chi Minh City

It’s no secret I’m a fan of Anthony Bourdain. Me and Tony we go way back – back before he got sober and famous.

Many people think he’s an ass. I think he is honest. And I like that in a person.

So for many years I have followed in his travel and gluttonous footsteps.

Which is how we ended up having a bowl of goodness with The Lunch Lady today in HCMC.

She is now famous thanks to AB. Which is good for her and her business, but maybe not always so good for the customer (if you read some of the reviews). But we took the bait and headed there for any early lunch today and we were not disappointed.

There is no menu, they just bring you whatever they are making on that day. Today it was egg rolls, shrimp fritters and noodle soup of some kind.

It wasn’t busy so we had a brief audience with The Lunch Lady who shared her cookbook with us. In the introduction she thanks Mr. Bourdain. She realizes how one endorsement like his has changed her life.

Although we are trying to find our own hole in the wall restaurants (which we did last night and I will blog on this later) it’s also fun to see what the travel experts like – in the same way we often use Rick Steves’ recommendations when we are in Europe.

So when you are in Vietnam, life really is a bowl full of noodles.  Available on every corner – and at The Lunch Lady.


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