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A Run Down Memory Lane

My Bremerton Childhood

I took a run this morning starting from the little Cozy Cottage we are temporarily living in. Although it was raining I set out to run about four miles. I didn’t really have a definite route in mind, I just ran.

But as I ran I began to enjoy and reminisce about my early childhood growing g up in Bremerton in the 1960’s.

I first ran over the Manette Bridge. I remember when I was a child there was the Manette Bridge and the “new” bridge. That’s what my Mom called

The corner where the little house was in the park

The corner where the little house was in the park

the Warren Ave bridge even though it was built- in 1958. I don’t remember a toll on the Manette Bridge but I do remember a .25 toll on the Warren Ave Bridge.

I ran through Evergreen Park where a flood of

Where the old pool used to be

Where the old pool used to be

memories came back. I remember well the giant round concrete swimming pool that cost a dime to swim on hot summer days. But my best memory of Evergreen Park was that very early in my childhood my grandfather was the caretaker of the park. He and my grandmother actually lived in the park in a tiny house that was located in the parks SW corner. That building is long gone.

The store we used to buy penny candy at

The store we used to buy penny candy at

Across the street from this little house was a tiny store. We could go there for penny candy and ice cream. The store is now a small restaurant.

Later my grandparents left the park and were caretakers at the NAD Park. I think the log cabin is still there that they lived in.

Just down the street from Evergreen Park my

The apartment building my parents used to own

The apartment building my parents used to own

parents owned an apartment building when I was growing up. It had six or seven apartments and on the ground floor was a little warehouse they rented to a guy to store his hydroplane. Boy as kids we thought the hydroplane was so cool. I ran past that building and it looked in pretty good shape.

I continued my run past where the old Roosevelt Field used to be. Olympic College is building on that site now. I remember in the late 1960’s a big town controversy over a rock festival scheduled at Roosevelt Field. Half the town was up in arms over it, thinking it would be a hot bed of drugs and violence. Eventually the rock festival was cancelled. As a nine-year old I couldn’t understand why everyone was afraid of rocks. True story.

I ran across the Warren Ave bridge and took the stairs down to Sheridan. I was looking for the old Sheridan Community Center but it seemed to be gone. I remember dancing a ballet recital there and being in a talent show with my BFF Kristy.

I ran past Harrison Hospital where I had my tonsils

The old Bay Bowl

The old Bay Bowl

out in third grade and past the defunct Bay Bowl where I went with my Girl Scout troop in 5th grade and the demolished Quarterdeck Restaurant where I once went on a date in high school.

Funny how I had not thought of any of these places in decades but how easily the memories returned and made me smile. It seemed like yesterday I was a little girl in Bremerton. But fifty years have passed. It’s nice to be living here for just a short time and to be able to wallow in the memories of small town living. Growing up where neighbors cared for each other and you never locked your doors. Where we played outside from dawn to dusk and only went home when Mom hollered that dinner was ready.

It was a good place to grow up – both Bremerton and the 60’s.


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  • Reply Sonja S.

    I grew up in the Manette area during the elementary years. Thank you for the trip down memory lane. 🙂

    November 15, 2016 at 5:14 pm
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