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And on the 7th Day…

Why our rest days are so important – Chapter Six

Location: New Zealand

A new acquaintance commented recently that he thought our “Grand Adventure” sounded exhausting. He didn’t think he could travel non- stop.

Vineyards on my run this morning.

And we can’t either. I explained to him our strategy of staying in one place for extended periods of time, and more importantly taking “days off”. Today happens to be one of those days. I usually call it
being a veg.

We slept til nine and then drank coffee in bed, read the news from home and talked to our son in Burkina until nearly 11:00am. This is the way a normal Sunday used to go when we owned a house and were working.

Brunch was throwing together whatever was left in fridge and pantry

Our veg day continued with a 3 mile run, three loads of laundry and “brunch” at 1:00pm. We then spent an hour laying out our itinerary for the next 12 days on the South Island before heading off to stock up on groceries.

The remainder of the day was spent back at the

Getting to know the various animals at our Airbnb. This is Storm.

Airbnb reading and of course the daily obligatory scrabble game.

This probably sounds like a typical weekend day for most of you. And I love these days. It not only feels good

The chickens wait outside the door for a treat. Sometimes they knock.

to catch up on miscellaneous chores, but it just feels good, “normal” and rejuvenating.

I’ll be ready to be Adventure girl again by tomorrow!



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