Everything Else Fabulous

And Then The Rain

Chapter Five

It took us three hours longer than expected to drive from Bangkok to Hua Hin yesterday. Hua Hin is flooded and under water and the roads approaching the city were like rivers. Trying to find an unflooded road to reach our hotel was futile.

At one point we got out of the cab endeavoring to walk the rest of the way. Then the cabbie talked to a man walking by and he told us another possible, passable road. So we loaded back in the cab and we did, eventually arrive at our condo.

Like drowned rats.

We ventured out today, it’s a mess. So we didn’t go far. Taxis and Tuk Tuks are not hardly moving, so it will be a few days until we wander.

We are here for three weeks, so there is plenty of time, and honestly I enjoyed a quiet day today in the condo. Listening to the rain. Kinda like home.

The adventure continues.

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