Arizona Hey Won’tcha Go My Way

Chapter Four

We are leaving Route 66 for a bit while we are in Arizona. Don’t worry!  We will be back. But today we divert up to the Grand Canyon.

This will be my third visit to the Grand Canyon, but not my last. Because hiking to the bottom and staying at Phantom Ranch will stay on the bucket list. Unfortunately I was not able to get a reservation to do that on this trip. I tried but…

For the next three days we will be “roughing” it at a campground inside the National Park that does not have power. And the nighttime lows are supposed to

It was very windy at Meteor Crater

It was very windy at Meteor Crater

be dropping into the 20’s. Brrrrr. If it’s miserable we won’t stay – we are flexible! Before we leave Flagstaff today we are gonna swing into Wally Mart and buy some sweatpants to sleep in!

I don’t know if I will have cell service either. Might be a nice break from all the garbage on Facebook

Old Town Flagstaff

Old Town Flagstaff

right now. Maybe we should just stay out of cell range until November 9th…

But after the Grand Canyon we have reservations in Scottsdale where it should be sunny and warm. I’m looking forward to a reunion there with friends and

The cool "Ghost Town" of Two Guns

The cool “Ghost Town” of Two Guns

some time by the pool. And hopefully morning runs again as this past week we have not run at all since we have been moving everyday.

So it’s Arizona for the next nine days and then back to the Mother Road to the end. So much to see and do in this beautiful and fascinating state – hey wontcha Go my way?

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