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Location: Maui Hawaii

I really enjoy yoga.  As a runner and cyclists I’ve found it to really help my joints and muscles.  But the absolute best yoga is when you can do it outdoors.  Living in the Pacific Northwest, my opportunities for that are few.

Another magical reason to love Maui.

Yesterday I really pushed my Fab Fifties body to the extreme.  I ran 6 miles in the morning (the longest run I have taken since before Christmas) and then I did my 90 second plank (still working on that 28 day challenge) and THEN I went on a four mile hike straight up 1500 feet.

Beach yoga on Maui

Beach yoga on Maui

So this morning, my body was begging me for some yoga.

Beach Yoga at Mission Lake last summer

Beach Yoga at Mission Lake last summer

Right next door to our condo is a very tiny yoga studio called Maui Path Yoga.  I have taken classes here when we have been in Maui before.  I was thrilled to see it was still there.  And they have outdoor classes in the morning.  Sign me up!

Beach Yoga on Blake Island last summer

Beach Yoga on Blake Island last summer

If you really try to practice yoga for what it is, not just a stretching class but a way to clear your

brain and be mindful; if you really want yoga to be a way to practice being present and appreciating your body; if you really try to practice yoga this way, then being outdoors in nature is by far the best way to really find a peaceful mind.  Listening to the ocean, breathing the salt air, feeling the wind on your face, watching the sun come up.

It’s perfect and I feel better already.  Guess I will try to do another class in a couple of days.

Yoga. Outdoors. Maui. FABULOUS!

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  • Reply Nancy Rimel

    Love this post. Maui seems magical. Going to plan a trip soon. Maybe our vacation this year.

    June 29, 2016 at 12:21 am
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