Reading Wednesday

Book Review Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano

Reading Wednesday

Brilliant. This book is brilliant. Please enjoy my book review of Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano.

I wasn’t sure I should read this book. All I knew about it was that it was about a plane crash, and since I am a bit fearful of flying (yes even with all my travel) I thought it might be a mistake. But I am sure glad I did.

Because this beautiful story is not about a plane crash as much as it is about life and living. Napolitano’s luminous prose bring the reader so close and personal to the characters in this novel you feel you are right there with them. Not just the main character Edward, a 12-year old boy and the sole survivor of a plane crash, but each and every person who is touched by this experience.

The web of connected lives, survivors and non-survivors, family, acquaintances and the entire world is beautifully illustrated in the aftermath and ensuing years as the story of Dear Edward unfolds.

Yes there is a plane crash, but the real story is about living and loving and mending and how resilient we all are. Thanks for reading my book review of Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano.

*****Five stars for Dear Edward by Ann Napolitano.

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