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Book Review – Never Home by Laird Hunt

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Book Review Never Home by Laird Hunt

There are many historical stories of Civil War soldiers who were women masquerading as men.  It’s a known fact that many women fought in the war of the States, and many also died.

Never Home is such a tale.  A thoughtfully written account of Constance Thompson who took the name of Ash, left her husband to tend the farm and marched off to fight as a Union soldier.

Hunt’s ability to write in the voice of Ash with accuracy and feeling is the best part of this book.  Incredibly brave and tough, Ash becomes somewhat of a symbol to other soldiers as gallant man and there is even a song written about Gallant Ash.  Ash hides her true identity as best she can, even though many around her suspect. But since she is a stellar soldier, a remarkable sharp shooter, smart and quick she survives where many others do not.  The story will take you along with Ash as she wanders through the years as a soldier; in escapade and battle, prison and torture, starvation and sickness and on the long and eventful journey back to her beloved husband.

If you loved Cold Mountain as much as I did (one of my all-time favorite books), you’ll notice some similarities in the storytelling of the difficult situations and grueling life of this Civil War soldier as she navigates this particularly bloody and violent war.

Four Stars for Never Home⭐⭐⭐⭐

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