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Book Review Sarah’s Key by Tatiana de Rosnay

Reading Wednesday

Another interesting novel about the atrocities of World War Two.  Not my favorite of all the WWII books I’ve read, but very good.  In particular because the story revolves around a little known event in Paris in July 1942 called the Vel’ d’Hiv – a round-up of Jews in Paris.

Rosnay follows the lives of two different females, ten-year-old Sarah, a young Jewish girl who is arrested with her family in July 1942.  Not by the Nazi’s, but by the French Police in Paris. And Julia, an American journalist living in France in 2002.

Sarah’s life is forever changed when she and her family arrive in Auschiwitz during the German occupation of France.  The Jewish Roundup of July 1942 in Paris is not well-known, and France is, rightfully, ashamed of the part they played in the event, which killed thousands.  Sarah survives but, as the story unfolds you learn the immense price she pays.  Shocking.

Julia’s life, sixty years later, crosses path’s in a somewhat too convenient way in the story line for me. But nonetheless, it does and she begins a search for Sarah and her family and the truth about the Vel’ d’Hiv.  Julia’s research will affect her life, in fact change the direction of her life, in a remarkable way as she finds herself drawn to Sarah’s story.

I enjoyed Sarah’s Key particularly for the historic information I learned, the story line about Sarah and the sad but beautiful ending.

Four Stars for Sarah’s Key.

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