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Book Review The Girl Before

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Book Review The Girl Before by JP Delaney

First I have to preface this review with a question.  Why do so many books lately have the word GIRL in the title?  My husband has mentioned this to me several times.  Gone Girl.  Girl on the Train.  Lilac Girls.  The Girl Before.

For me the real question is why use the word girl when you are really talking about women?  Is it crazy?  Maybe but it bothers me.

So as long as I’m talking about things that bother me, let me tell you about the book The Girl Before, by JP Delaney.  I had read a review that likened this book to Gone Girl.  No way.  It takes an incredibly talented writer to pull off a book like Gone Girl – leading the reader down a path unsuspectingly and then WHAM!  That brilliant writing is what made Gone Girl such a runaway best seller.

Not so much with The Girl Before, although Delaney makes an effort to create a plot with twists and turns and surprises.  I can compare this book more accurately to The Girl on the Train.  I wasn’t a big fan of The Girl on the Train (I think I was the only one) as it felt too predictable to me.  This is exactly how I felt reading The Girl Before.

The plot follows two separate women who during separate times, live in the same house – a house unlike any other, built by an eccentric architect and created to be austere and state of the art.  Both women become romantically entangled with the  architect and both find the house closing in on them.

One women will die.

The cause of death, in the house, of the first women is never solved and the second women becomes obsessed with learning the truth.  Along the way a tale of a sociopath, pathological liars, obsessive compulsive behavior, sexual addiction, stalking and murder unfold.

Sometimes this book also made me think of Fifty Shades of Grey, although not as sexually graphic.  I didn’t care for that book either.

So I guess I really struggled with this story – a book trying to be a lot of things – trying to mimic other successful books – but never very successfully and never finding its own place.

Two Stars for The Girl Before by JP Delaney

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