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Book Review – The Keeper of Lost Things: A Novel by Ruth Hogan

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Well I have been searching for a book with a new and surprising plot – and I found it in The Keeper of Lost Things.  I was intrigued from the very first captivating opening lines – “Charles Bramwell Brockley was traveling alone and without a ticket on the 14:42 from London to Brighton.  The Huntley & Palmers biscuit tin in which he was traveling teetered precariously on the edge of the seat as the train juddered to a halt.” And with that – my imagination ran wild!

A bit love story, a bit paranormal, a bit family drama – Hogan combines a witty tale with a fun and intriguing cast of characters whose lives become entwined in both coincidental and mystical ways in The Keeper of Lost Things.

Laura – a sad divorcee who has lost direction in her own life stumbles upon a job as an assistant to Anthony.  Anthony harbors his own love lost, a sadness within him that has haunted him for 40 years.  Eunice spends her life in love with a man who she will never have, but nonetheless he is her best friend, even in the end when dementia takes him.  Bomber, endures his nasty sister, loves movies and books and his adoring parents.

One of the most endearing characters is a young Down’s Syndrome girl named Sunshine – a name which perfectly describes her.  Not only does she bring a ray of sunshine into everyone’s lives, she also has an uncanny ability, perhaps clairvoyant, to touch an object and know it’s past.

Intrigued?  How do all of these people and a handful of others come together to create a sweet and sentimental novel, with a heartwarming message? You’ll enjoy finding out with this whimsical story.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Four Stars for The Keeper of Lost Things

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