Reading Wednesday

Book Review The Magic Circle by Katharine Neville

Reading Wednesday

On the heels of my read of Sue Monk Kidd’s The Book of Longings, this book once again transported me to biblical times. But Neville builds a story of international intrigue that spans the centuries. Unfortunately no where near as entertaining or beautifully written as The Book of Longings, but I still enjoyed it.

My biggest complaint about the book is that it actually had too much going on. The story bounces from biblical times to present day. Hitler makes an appearance and then so does Greek Gods. From Idaho to Russia, hidden caves to dark forests. It all was a bit to keep track of and seemed aimless at times.

I liked the main character of Airel Behn, despite some stupid mistakes she kept making as she tried to figure out how she got messed up in this international plot of espionage, solve a murder mystery, save the ancient scrolls that are the root of all this evil, have a love affair with the bad guy, all while learning her eccentric and very wealthy family is not exactly who she thought they were.

I can’t give it five stars but it wasn’t terrible either. Three and half stars for The Magic Circle by Katharine Neville.

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