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Book Review The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman

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Book Review The Plum Tree by Ellen Marie Wiseman

I had this book on my library waitlist for a long time.  So long I had forgotten about it.  So when it came available I had to go read the preview to see what it was about.  I was really disappointed.

Another WWII story.

Now, don’t misunderstand.  I have read some remarkable WWII stories (All The Light You Cannot See), and have extreme compassion for all the suffering that occurred during this terrible time.  BUT, ever since All The Light You Cannot See, the market has been inundated with WWII stories.  Many of them with nearly the same plot – the struggle to survive while lovers from different faiths find their way through this terrible time.

Which is exactly what The Plum Tree is about.

Wiseman has a beautiful writing style, and once I got into the book I enjoyed the story, mostly, although I felt it was longer than it needed to be.  Following the lives of Christine, a working class German christian girl and her one true love Isaac, the son of a wealthy Jewish family.

You can only imagine what happens, and both of these characters endure incredible hardship and loss.  One of the best things about this book in my opinion is the courage of Christine to stand up and speak out, as a German, against the Gestapo, and after the war is over to help bring to justice many of those who were leaders in the Gestapo.

If you aren’t tired of this theme yet, then you will enjoy The Plum Tree.  I’m hoping to find some fresh new plot lines and novels in 2019.

⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Four stars for the Plum Tree.


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