Reading Wednesday

Book Review The Stranger by Harlan Coben

Reading Wednesday

This is a good story if you are looking for a suspenseful novel in the vein of Gone Girl or The Girl on the Train. But don’t expect any Pulitzer Prize winning story telling. But I liked it.

Coben shares with the reader the All American Family, Adam and Corinne Price. Living the dream in an upwardly mobile New Jersey suburb with their two lacrosse playing sons. The perfect life. So it seemed.

Until the day the “Stranger” appears to give Adam Price a chilling piece of information about his wife. A moment that will change everything about the All American Family and the perfect life, not just for Adam but an entire community.

Coben’s novel is intense and interesting, although not always believable and like so many novels of this genre, is filled with a few too many coincidences for my liking. Coincidences that keep the plot moving forward but take away from a reality based story.

But like I said, if you want to fall into a book that keeps you turning the pages, The Stranger is for you.

***Three stars for The Stranger by Harlan Coben.

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