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Book Review the Velvet Hours by Alyson Richman

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Book Review the Velvet Hours by Alyson Richman

It wasn’t until the end of this book when I was reading the authors notes that it became clear to me.  I knew that something seemed familiar as I got to the end of this novel.  And then I remembered.

Alyson Richman became fascinated in 2014 with a news story of the discovery of a Parisian apartment that had been locked and sealed for 70 years.  I remember that story, and pictures of the apartment I saw online.  I too was fascinated because it seemed like something out of a novel.

Well it now is.  Richman researched the people involved with that locked and abandoned apartment, and found very limited information on them.  And no information as to why this apartment had been left for 70 years, only to be discovered after the death of Solange Beaugiron, the grandchild of Marte De Florian who was the owner of the apartment and the fascinating and valuable treasures inside.

So Richamn invented a story that takes two real people and puts them in a fictional tale that follows love and loss in Paris from Montemarte in 1888 to Paris at the beginning of WWII in 1940, to New York in 2010.

An inventive and intriguing story.

⭐️⭐️⭐️Three stars for the Velvet Hours.

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