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Book Review – There There by Tommy Orange

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Such an interesting book. An astonishing story about present day Native American culture, set in Oakland California.

Orange provides in the beginning of the book a cast of 12 characters, almost like a program for a play. I knew when I saw that this was no usual book. Through out the story I referred back to this list of characters, to help me keep track of the connection between them.

And the connections between them is the base of the story, even though the story is told brilliant from the view of each character…sometimes a chapter focuses on one character for many many pages – sometimes for just a paragraph or two…but always pulling and manipulating and bringing these people together in a violent and intense end.

This story is not at all what I was expecting. A deep, meaningful and painful novel of the plight of the urban Native American, told in a clear and believable voice, mixed with heritage, spirituality, substance abuse, family ties and heroism.

Five stars for There There by Tommy Orange.

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