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Book Review Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum

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Yep, another World War II story.  I actually didn’t like this book in the beginning.  But then as the story unfolded I began to enjoy it solely because it takes a different angle on the Nazi Germany story.  The view from the German side.  Not the Nazi side, but the German people and women in particular who learn to survive under Nazi rule, doing whatever it takes.

The focus is on Anna Schlemmer, the mother of Trudy a professor of German History in Minneapolis.  Anna was in Germany during the war, but has refused to talk about it all her life. For fifty years Anna has remained silent about what happened to her and Trudy (only three at the time) during the war. Until Trudy begins to uncover details about her mother, her father and what really happened in the small town German town during WWII.

Heartbreaking story of Anna Schlemmer’s life, love and loss.

A story of resistance, love, regret and ultimately judgement for a family and those they loved.  It’s a timely tale – one with a message we should all consider.  What did we know, what did we ignore, what survival tactics did we use, and in the end, who suffered because of it.  A timeless question.

Three stars for Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum

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