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Camelback Scamble

Chapter Four – #totheCamino

Location: Arizona

To make it official, I’ve created a new hashtag #totheCamino to mark the beginning of our training. Ten months from now it is our goal to hike the 500 mile Camino de Santiago in Spain. Our training has begun here in Arizona.

Arne mentioned the Camino as a bucket list item about three years ago. We started to look into the idea and from this first little idea sprung the life changing goal to travel around the world. Out of IMG_6816
that first conversation about tackling this monumental hike came all the changes – retirement, selling our house and everything we own, and beginning the grand adventure. It all started when Arne said “we should hike the Camino de Santiago”.

And we will. Our plan now is to begin in mid IMG_6805September 2017. We will allow six weeks. We will work hard to be in great shape and are hopeful we can do the entire thing. But if we can’t we will do as much as we can.

Today we did the Camelback Scramble in Scottsdale. It was short but very steep and hard. The Camino will not be a hands and knees scramble, but today was still good training. Hard on the manicure but rewarding in the end.IMG_6812

And so it begins – the grand adventure – the bucket list goal – making it happen while we are healthy and in our fabulous fifties. #totheCamino

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