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Chapter Nine Final Days

Border Bouncing; Croatia, Montenegro, Bosnia-Hercegovnia, Slovenia, Croatia, Slovenia

Location: Slovenia

A bit like a pinball this past month as we have bounced around the spectacular countries of the Mediterranean touching many of the former Yugoslavia nations.  We missed a few, so we will be back.

Yesterday on our final day with our friends in Slovenia we hiked across the Slovene border into Croatia and enjoyed a beautiful hike and beach time back on the Croatia side.  We met and enjoyed the afternoon with our friend Marbi’s lifelong friend Maria, and ate and laughed and swam and napped

Hiking as the sun gets low

on the beach.  Late in the day as the sun was setting we walked back across the border into Slovenia.  We then dined for the second time at a tiny little unknown restaurant on a boat in the Piran harbor.

These experiences would not be possible, if not for

Old salt works with abandoned homes. The creek in the foreground is the Slovene-Croatia border

being with people in the “know”.  We are grateful.  Our time in Slovenia, though short, was full and fabulous!  We are blessed.

Spaghetti Vongole

Chapter Nine was very busy and as it draws now to an end we look ahead to some downtime.  Over the past month we have played the tourist card more

Blueberry crepes

than any other time over the past eight months.  Mostly because we were sharing Croatia with Arne’s mom and then spending time with our friends in

Hiking together

Slovenia.  But now we move on to Portugal for the first part of Chapter Ten.

Chapter Ten is monumental for several reasons; first we add two new countries to our “been to” list: Portugal tomorrow and then Spain on Aug 29th; second we mark eight months

Snails growing on a fence post

on the road; third we are now only four weeks away from the Camino de Santiago; and fourth and most importantly, we get to see our son Erik for the first time since New Years.

We will spend 6 days in Lisbon and then three relaxing weeks in Lagos.  We don’t plan to do a lot, except walk and train and enjoy the beach with our son.  This is all I need right now.

Crossing back into Slovenia

Life is rich and full and mostly uncomplicated.  We are relaxed and fit and happy.  We are achieving our goal of traveling the world and are comfortably

Passion Flower

settled into a routine.  We have just finished planning ahead to February – with a good idea of where we want to be in the months beyond that.  It’s a true and grand adventure.

Thank you for following our travels and your comments and shares.  I really do appreciate your interest and support!  Next up – Portugal!


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