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Chapter Three – Climbing Arthur’s Seat

Location: Scotland

Our second day in Edinburgh, Scotland. We have had the most amazing weather but it looks like that is about to change. We spent our time doing all the usual tourist things and enjoyed them all particularly the Edinburgh Castle and the National Museum of Scotland.

But in typical Fab Fifty Fashion this afternoon we did something that not many tourists tackle – and as usual I recommend it highly. We climbed to the 900 foot peak of Arthur’s Seat.

First of all I have no idea why it’s called Arthur’s Seat. Cannot find an explanation for it in the

Looking up to the peak from the bottom

Looking up to the peak from the bottom

guidebooks. Second of all I didn’t think I could do it. I mean look at it. It looks really steep!  Sure a month ago I was riding my bike hundreds of miles. And a month before that I was running and hiking and swimming everyday in Hawaii. BUT for the past eleven days it feels like the only thing I have been doing is sitting in a car!  And drinking beer! So I feel a bit like a slug.

My husband said it only looked steep because I could see it. His reasoning is that at home in Washington and even in Hawaii I don’t realize the elevation I hike because I can’t see the end from the beginning. This is how engineers think. It’s

At the top

At the top


So off we went and yes it was steep and rocky and parts were slippery but it was also beautiful and exhilarating and a great work out. I needed that.image

It was a bit hazy today so the pictures aren’t stellar but the view was.

The moral of the story- always try to do more than you think you can and you will be justly rewarded.

Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh Scotland. Fabulous.

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