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Chapter Three – London Calling

Location: London England

Day 29 of Chapter Three and our adventure in London has my feet killing me. I think I’ve walked a hundred miles.


Buckingham Palace

London has an awesome subway system. We bought a weeks pass and it was a great investment. We have been all over the city in that “tube”. But we have walked and walked as well. Miles of sidewalks, museum floors and cathedrals. Cold hard concrete is hard on the fab fifty back.

Oh but we have had fun – this town is so great. I’ve been here before but it’s better this time. Mostly because I have my honey with me but also because the weather is better. It’s been cloudy but warm and we have only seen a bit of rain.


The White Tower


At the Tower of London

I’m not a Anglophile but I do have an interest in history and British history is remarkable. It is so closely connected to world history in so many ways. I enjoy trying to connect the dots – Vikings, Normans,  Scots.  Somehow over the years I’ve retained a minimalist timeline of the royals – who killed who and who ascended to the thrown. The complete historical timeline would be impossible to memorize.  Check out this link if you are interested. It’s quit a story really, and it’s non-fiction. Fascinating.


Westminster Abbey

So of course we spent time at the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace – each a time capsule of 1000’s of years of Britian. Westminster was built in 1066. It’s my favorite  thing in London.

So you don’t like history?  London is fun! Live theatre, 1000’s of restaurants, boat tours, shopping, museums, art, fashion, music – something for everyone all in an easy to get around city.

Love London!!  Fabulous!

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