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Chapter Three – Marking Each Charming Chapter

I had a brilliant idea in June.  I’ve been known to have a few over the years.

As we were getting ready to depart on Chapter One of The Grand Adventure I was thinking about things I could buy as souvenirs on our travels that would be small and easy to carry.  And then I had a charming idea.

Why not start a charm bracelet?

When I was a little girl I had a charm bracelet, but for only a short time.  In the 1960’s charm bracelets were very popular and I received one as a birthday imagegift one year, maybe when I was about ten.  My

Mom didn’t let me wear it very often because she was afraid I’d lose it.  It was in her jewelry box, but over the decades somehow she lost it.  So I don’t have it anymore.  It only had a few charms on it anyway, but I do wish I had it. I remember the charms though clearly to this day – a bike, a ballerina and an Irish Setter. Each had a special meaning for me

My new charm bracelet is a perfect accessory and I wear it everyday now and over the past few months

Clover L and bike

Clover L and bike

I have added several charms , each with a special meaning including a Hawaiian Sea Turtle for Chapter One, a Bicycle for Chapter Two and today I added an Irish Harp – the symbol of Ireland for Chapter Three.

I also have an “L” for Laureen and a clover “L” for Lund

I’m noticing now other women wearing charm bracelets. Our flight attendant the other day was wearing one, so full it must have weighed ten pounds. Many memories close to her heart I am sure. By the end of The Grand Adventure, I hope my charm bracelet will be a conversation piece as well as a meaningful memory of all we have seen and done in this Grandest of Adventures!

Charming idea don’t you think??

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  • Reply kathi strand

    Very charming idea. I had one as a child also. My grandma started them for my sister and I. No idea what happened to them. A few years back I started a new one. I started myself off with a sewing machine, a german shepherd and a cocktail glass. Most of the charms I have collected since have a tropical theme as that seems to be where we travel the most right now. Other than my wedding ring it is my most cherished piece of jewelry.

    August 16, 2016 at 11:58 pm
  • Reply Laureen

    Love that Kathi! We can compare. Unfortunately I already lost a charm. Not sure how so now I need to be cautious.

    August 17, 2016 at 7:45 am
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