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Day 9 – Chapter Two Comes to an End

Pullman to Spokane – 73 miles – the long and winding road

Location: Washington

What a great adventure we have had. At times it was painful, but mostly it was FABULOUS!  Our arrival in Spokane this afternoon marks the end of Chapter Two of the Grand Adventure. I wonder how many chapters this book will have?

Back at Arne’s cousins beautiful Spokane house we are reflecting on our week. We tackled a complicated adventure – but it was made easier tackling it together.

  • 347 miles
  • 34 hours in the saddle
  • 10 mph – with stops
  • 20 towns
  • 2 states
  • 6 inns
  • 100 degrees
  • 15,500 calories burned
  • 9 days
  • gallons and gallons of Gatorade
  • zero flat tires
  • 1 moose
  • one best friend

I learned a lot about my ability to live with only the essentials. I went nine days with one pair of shorts, one t-shirt, one tank top, one sun dress and one pair of shoes.  No make up, no hair dryer, no fuss.  That was all we could carry on our bike tour.

Bicycle tourism is going to grow. You should get onboard. As with anything, there are the naysayers. Those people who believe because their vehicle is bigger and louder it is somehow more important than me and my bike (and my life). Those people whose commute may be delayed by 60 seconds because I am in my lawfull, rightful place on the road. Those people who fight turning abandoned and useless railroad tracks into beautiful, safe  and useful bike trails. Those people.

I submit to you bicycle tourism is going to grow. It brings a valuable economic resource to towns and communities that embrace it. It does so without the need to build bigger roads for more cars, pave green areas for more parking, and it is environmentally friendly and clean – and good for you!

Sure cycling is not for everyone. But next time you encounter a cyclist on the road please think of me – an honest, hard-working, law-abiding wife, mother, daughter, friend, human, and Fab Fifty Diva and give us a “brake” and a 3 foot margin. The life you save may be mine.  And jail time can’t be fabulous for you.

With the smallest effort and kindness, we can all enjoy our individual pursuits.

As for me, two wheels rock.  I am sad to be putting my bike in storage now as we embark on the next chapters.  But cycling is in my future again, I’m just not sure when.  How about you?  Ready to try it?

Go. Be. Fabulous!

Note- headed back to my mother-in-laws guest room for seven days as we regroup and repack. We depart for a month in Great Britain and Norway August 7th.  I’ll take most of this week off from the blog. Thanks for following! ❤️



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  • Reply Nancy Rimel

    Glad you enjoyed the ride. And I promise to think of you and Arne when sharing the road with cyclists. Onward.

    July 30, 2016 at 2:59 am
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