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Day Five – Tiny Town Folk

Worley to Pullman 72 miles

Back in beautiful Pullman tonight, my old stomp’ n grounds. Some things look so familiar and others are so very different. Well it has been 34 years.

Today was hard. It was a scorcher – pushing 100 late in the day. We rode 72 miles- the farthest I have ridden since last summer. And oh those beautiful but painful Palouse hills. My husband said I was moaning. Maybe….

We are now tucked into to our awesome little cabin, The Wesson Bunkhouse, feet up, beer in hand. Tomorrow is a much-needed day off the bikes.

But there were some great things that happened today too. We rode a stretch of road outside of

Lovell Valley

Lovell Valley

Plummer Idaho called Lovell Valley that was one of the most bucolic rides I’ve ever had. I didnt want it to end.

We stopped in the tiny old farming town of Tekoa (Pop 786). Not much to it but they did have a public restroom. Coming out of the rest room I did a quick turn through the sprinkler that was watering a tiny park next to the bathroom. Two elderly ladies (fabulous 70’s I’d say) were talking on the sidewalk and they got a kick out of my sprinkler moves. They asked me all about our ride, where we were from, where we were going. They were just so sweet and kind and “neighborly”. One had lived in Tekoa all her life and the other nearly as long. It just struck me how lovely it was – small town kindness. It’s



hard to find anymore, and I enjoyed a piece of it today.

We rode through the town of Farmington (Pop 146) and you could hear a pin drop. A few tidy houses, a bank and a post office. We desperately needed to refill our water bottles but not a store in sight. And no human beings either. We continued on.

Our route had us turning onto Hwy 27 just as we reached the town of Garfield (Pop 596) but we went on into the tiny town to try to find a store. The

The Inconvenience Store

The Inconvenience Store

prospects looked grim until we spotted a hand drawn A board sign pointing to the Garfield “In”Convenience store. We headed there to find the smallest store I have ever been in with the smallest inventory. But there was plenty of Gatorade so we stocked up. The proprietress who was in her 30’s told us she had moved back to her childhood town of Garfield and couldn’t believe you had to drive 22 miles to Pullman for groceries. So five weeks ago she opened the “Garfield Inconvenience Store”. She will be adding inventory and the locals are writing a wish list of items they would like her to carry on a big blackboard in the store. Small town living at its best.

We didn’t stop in the town of Palouse (Pop 998) but compared to the other towns it seemed big. Then we arrived in Pullman (Pop 32,000) and reality bites.

The Wesson Bunkhouse in Pullman

The Wesson Bunkhouse in Pullman

So that was day five. Tomorrow we explore Pullman on foot at a leisurely pace!

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