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Day One – Chapter Six

Jetleg-Raindrops-New Zealand- Oh My!

Location: New Zealand

Jet lag – it wasn’t the longest flight I’ve ever had but close. Two hours from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and then a four-hour layover. Next ten hours from Kuala Lumpur to Auckland. All in all from start to finish about 25 hours.

We’ve learned some things over the years about jet lag. There are two antidotes we subscribe to – first try not to go to sleep as soon as you arrive no matter how hard it is. Staying up as long as possible and sleeping only when it is actually bedtime is the best way to quickly acclimate. We arrived, settled into our room and then walked to the grocery store before playing scrabble then finally laying down about 8pm. Slept until 8am.

On our urban hike

We planned this extra day to relax before we begin exploring. So today we did the second thing that is a jet lag reliever, we got some  fresh air. We did an urban hike of just under seven miles.

Raindrops – we got wet on our hike but not in the least bit cold. In fact it is incredibly warm and muggy and also quit breezy. It is the very end of summer, early fall in New Zealand and we are prepared for all kinds of weather while we are here. So a little rain was no problem. As we look ahead though, we see a fairly optimistic forecast, so we may just need that sunscreen after all.

On our urban hike

New Zealand – this destination has been on our list for a very long time. Our son Erik lived here for six months when he was in high school. I’m excited to finally be here. It’s surprisingly tropical feeling. On our trek today we walked through a nature preserve where pine trees and palm trees were growing side by side. We look forward to seeing many interesting and new flora and fauna in this island nation. In fact we encountered a creature dead on the side of the road. After doing some research we think it was a kind of possum. It looked like this.

Australian possum

Oh My- tomorrow we are back on an airplane heading to the South Island. We will be back in Auckland later so we’re saving exploring that until then. So we fly tomorrow from Auckland to Christchurch. We then drive about five hours north. For two days we will be in an Airbnb that looks crazy fun!  It’s part camping, part cabin and part hippie-funk. So that will be interesting!  Following that we are off to a multi-day trek in the Abel Tasman National Park.

And so it begins – Chapter Six – our New Zealand Adventure.

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