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Dear Sirs

Dear Mr. Women’s Athletic Wear Manufacturer – Sir,

Dear Mr. Women’s Athletic Wear Manufacturer – Sir,

You must be a sir, because I find it too hard to believe you are a woman, given your inability to see me.

Me – a Fabulous Fifty Something Athlete who is most definitely NOT a size 2.  I am invisible to you.

Why do you believe female athletic clothing should be designed for twenty-something skinny babes?  What hole in the earth are you living in?  Sure there are twenty-something skinny babes out there – I see them – you see them – but why don’t you see me and the millions of other women like me?

I am not a size 2.  Or a small or xs.  In fact as a child I went from a 6x straight to a size 12.  I was one of the little girls who was humiliated early in life, because her Mom ordered her clothing from the “husky” section in the Sears Catalog. My siblings called me fat.

That husky girl is now a Fab Fifty Diva.  And I am fed up.

I have run 7 half marathons.  I have cycled thousands of miles.  I have completed a dozen triathlons.  I do yoga. I hike.  I swim. I am a successful athlete.

Except when it comes to finding affordable women’s athletic clothing that fits me and is comfortable.  Then I am a miserable failure.  To you I am invisible.

You are missing a huge opportunity.  I have needs.  I have money to spend.  And I am searching for the perfect fit, and when I do find it I will be loyal.  Loyal customers with money to spend – sounds like what a good business plan would be in search of.  And I am not alone.  You have an entire customer base waiting…

I am not a small.  My luscious lumps are cup size D.  My bodaciously beautiful booty is a 10 but my waist is an 8.  Except when I am a large instead of a medium.

You’re killing me Smalls!  Design athletic clothing for real women.  Design it now, so I can enjoy it before I’m too old to run, swim, cycle, yoga – LIVE!

Waiting patiently,





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  • Reply kathi strand

    Love this!

    June 24, 2016 at 4:28 am
  • Reply Sue Loiland

    Tell em Laureen!

    June 24, 2016 at 11:34 pm
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