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Dubrovnik on the Rocks

Chapter Nine

Location: Croatia

Two weeks in Dubrovnik is a perfect amount of time.  Not just a day excursion from a cruise ship but a chance to explore deeply this beautiful region, the interesting and ancient and recent history, the spectacular beaches and the food.

Two weeks on the rock. Fabulous !

We chose to stay outside of the old town in the Lapad neighborhood and I’m really glad we did.  This quiet little suburb is very near the beach and an easy and convenient ten minute bus ride to old town     Our Airbnb had a small but convenient kitchen and


best of all a private little patio where we did yoga, played scrabble, hung out laundry and ate our meals.

We test drove several beaches during our visit.  Each offering something a little different.  There is no sand – so people strewn boulders and even gravelly beaches are the norm.  You can hire a chair and umbrella (which we did twice) or lay on the concrete  or rocks (which we did three times).  The water is refreshing and clear and a great place to swim.

We spent a lot of time enjoying old town and I

Old Town

recommend the guided walking tour ($15) and the wall walk ($20).  I also recommend taking the cable car ( $23) up and if you are physically fit take the trail up instead.  It’s a great work out and the view is incredible.

Lokrum Island

We took the ferry out to Lokrum Island ($10) and really enjoyed that day walking around the island, swimming in the sea and seeing the old monastery.

We enjoyed two cultural experiences – a live theatrical Performance of “A Midsummer’s Nights Dream” inside Fort Lovejenac and a live operatic performance of Carmina Burana outside under the stars in the square.  The later is part of the annual

Carmina Burana under the stars

Dubrovnik Summer Festival an 8 week performance  extravaganza annually.

The wall walk

And definitely go to a cooking class and or a food walking tour.  A great experience.  Read more about that experience here.

We rented a car one day and drove to the amazing ancient town of Kotor in Montenegro about two hours south.  If you have the time I thought it was a beautiful place and the drive was spectacular.

Kotor Montenegron

We did not go out to any of the other local islands, but there are several to choose from.  We decided to wait and visit some islands from Split, where we are headed next.

If you visit Dubrovnik in the summer just come with an open mind that it will be crowded and hot.  But taking two weeks gives you time to avoid some of the crowds and get a bit deeper.  The ancient history as well as the history around the more recent 1991 war is worth learning and truly understanding.  It’s fascinating to talk to those who lived through it and see how far they have come in just a couple decades.

Tourism is the economic driver of Dubrovnik so be prepared for it to feel touristy.  It does.  But you should come anyway and take your time discovering all that is here – old, new, traditional and beautiful.  One of the oldest cities in the world – Dubrovnik on the rocks.

Chapter Nine continues in Split! Fabulous!




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