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Endless Summer

Chapter Eight – Beat the Heat

Location: Bulgaria

From the very beginning we have tried to follow the sun and warmth. And with the exception of some very chilly and very rainy days in New Zealand, we have succeeded.

We love warm weather, but we also packed for warm weather, only carrying a limited number of clothing for the cooler climes.

Its easier and lighter of course to visit warm climates. Not to mention the fact that we love being outdoors, always more fun if it’s sunny and dry.  I think growing up in the Pacific Northwest made me want to have the glorious PNW summer – all year

Our month in Bulgaria is winding down. We have seen short bouts of rain, but overall the weather has been really nice and very comfortable.

We have now entered full-on summer in Europe. Yesterday was the warmest we have seen since the Seychelles at 91 degrees Fahrenheit, but even here in the Black Sea the humidity is low and the breeze is refreshing.

I’m not sure I can get any tanner.  I’m not bragging.  I just have this skin that absorbs the sun. I always have.  No one else in my family gets as dark as I do.  It just is what it is.  My grandma used to call me a little papoose. I do have some Native American blood, but my gene pool is more Anglo and Scandinavian than Indian. So go figure.

As expected Sozopol is now bustling with tourists. By July 1st it should be booming. But by July 1st we will be in Dubrovnik.

I expect Dubrovnik to be a madhouse.  July and August is peak season, very hot and swarming with cruise ship visitors. I’m mentally prepared to deal with that, and we are lucky to have enough time in that city (two weeks) so we can avoid being in Old Town During the peak hours a day when the cruise ships are in port. It’s the best part about the Grand Adventure, taking our time.

Croatia will be HOT. Both in Dubrovnik and then in Spilt. Slovenia will also be hot and then August in Portugal will be even hotter. Last week Portugal was experiencing devastating forest fires, due to unusual extreme heat.

But we asked for it. I’ve made the comment many times that I wanted to live somewhere dry where I could be outdoors every day. I’m there.

And so the Endless Summer continues as the thermometer soars. Luckily we are always near the water.

Five days left on the beautiful Black Sea…

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