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Exmouth Western Australia

Ten Reasons I Fell For It

Location: Exmouth Western Australia

Australia is huge.  So. Darn. Huge.  Unfortunately, we get a skewed image of our world, by the skewed world maps we use.  But the reality is, Australia is the same size as the lower 48 of the USA.  Even here in little ole Exmouth Western

Exmouth Western Australia

Same size

Australia it’s easy to feel how vast this country is.  Wide open.

Australia has a population of 25 million living in a country the same size as the USA.  The USA has a population of 325 million.  So it’s easy to understand how big and empty it feels.

They call Western Australia WA and if you compare it to the state of Washington – also called WA – you will get a good feel for how big this place is.

Exmouth Western Australia

Little WA and big WA

You could put at least a dozen Washington WAs into Western Australia WA.

Sometimes we meet people who tell us they have traveled to the USA.  We ask where they have been and they say- New York, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, San Fransisco.  Sometimes it is also Grand Canyon and Orlando.  Although I love all of these places, I always feel these people have not seen the real USA – that big open prairie, the purple mountains majesty, the crashing Pacific and the Great Lakes.

Here in Exmouth Western Australia I realize I find

Exmouth Western Australia

Sunset Exmouth

myself guilty of the same.  We will be heading to Ayers Rock next, then the Great Barrier Reef and on to Sydney.  Seeing all the top sites but

Exmouth Western Australia

Beautiful water

are we seeing the real Australia?

So this is one of the reasons I am so thankful Arne said we needed to come here, and specifically to come to Western Australia where few tourists go.  I love this town and this coast and I want to encourage others to love it too.  So, here are the ten reasons I have fallen in love with Exmouth Western

Exmouth Western Australia

Sandy beaches


  1.  The Coast – the West coast of Western Australia is diverse, even here in this tiny part we have enjoyed.  The amazing Ningaloo Reef is beautiful and the water is turquoise and the sand is white. It’s pretty close to perfect.  From the town of Exmouth Western Australia you’re at the beach in
    Exmouth Western Australia

    Amazing sea life


  2. The Marine Park – all along the coast here the marine park draws those who love the ocean.  So much to love here as a diver or snorkeler or fisherman.  Some of the world’s most amazing creatures call this coast home at
    Exmouth Western Australia

    Ant hill

    some time during the year, including the largest fish in the world, the Whale Shark, the Humbpack Whale, Orca Whale, Manta Rays and many other kinds of rays, sharks of every kind and so many, many fish.

  3. Turtles – in addition to all the above mentioned sealife the Coast Range National Park is home to one of the largest turtle
    Exmouth Western Australia


    nesting sites in the world.  You can swim with the turtles by day, and at sunset or sunrise and sometimes other times you can watch the female turtles nest.  They haul themselves out of the water and up to a safe spot in the dunes where they dig a nest and lay their eggs.  They then go back to the ocean and leave their progeny to fend for themselves.  Approximately 50 days later the eggs hatch en masse.  If you are lucky you can witness the little babes scurry to the ocean, drawn by an inner compass telling them where to go.  Incredible.

  4. Wildlife – it’s more than just remarkable sea life around Exmouth Western Australia.  Don’t be surprised if you see an Emu walking down the sidewalk or through the little village.
    Exmouth Western Australia


    Kangaroos?  Definitely.  There are three kinds of kangaroos in the area, the smaller Euro, the larger red and the grey.  We’ve seen them all.  We also saw two dingos – similar to

    Exmouth Western Australia


    coyotes, they are nocturnal and hard to spot.  We have seen a lot of lizards, including the Perentie, and a plethora of birds big and small.

  5. Hiking – the Coast Range National Park runs
    Exmouth Western Australia


    for about 70km along the coast and provides several opportunities to get out of your car and see the rocky range and canyons dotted through the park.  The favorite is the Yardie Creek at the end of the road.  Surprising to see this

    Exmouth Western Australia

    Yardie Creek

    beautiful creek coming out of the dry and arid mountains.  We also enjoyed visit the Charles Knife and Shothole Canyons for spectacular views as far as the eye can see.  Caution is important in these wild, hot and

    Exmouth Western Australia

    Shothole Canyon

    dry areas and you must carry plenty of water.  A fly net for your face is also extremely important, as the flies are a real nuisance otherwise.

  6. The Village of Exmouth – tiny Exmouth Western Australia is home to about 2000 people.  We visited in the late summer, after the kids had gone back to school.  Few tourists are here at this time of year, although during the Australian summer months
    Exmouth Western Australia

    Using our fly nets

    (November – February) the population swells with many Australians and other visitors from around the world.  We liked how quiet it was.  Exmouth Western Australia has a nice grocery store, a handful of restaurants, a pharmacy, a hair and nail salon and a few

    Exmouth Western Australia

    New Ningaloo Center

    other shops.  The town also has a very nice brand new “center” that includes a visitor information center, senior center, library, and meeting rooms.

  7. Craft Beer – for a small town we were very happy to find not one, but TWO craft
    Exmouth Western Australia

    Froth Craft

    breweries.  Froth Craft and Whalebone both had excellent locally made brews and food.  We spent one Saturday evening at Whalebone listening to the band our Airbnb host is in.  So fun!  Our server at Whalebone

    Exmouth Western Australia


    that night was the same woman who was our server for lunch at the local Vegan Social Society a few days before.  It’s a very small town.

  8. Speaking of Airbnb – The one we stayed in here in Exmouth Western Australia is number 39 and it has shot to the top of our list, one
    Exmouth Western Australia

    Social Society

    of our favorite Airbnb’s so far.  A guest house next to the hosts home, we felt so comfortable here in our space and really enjoyed the lovely family.  This family is very entrenched in their community with their two darling daughters and the husband’s local

    Exmouth Western Australia

    We loved our Airbnb

    construction business.  We were very impressed when he went off as a volunteer firefighter to try to put out a big wildfire we had watched out in the distance for several days.

  9. The weather – it is a wee bit hotter than I would like, but “it’s a dry heat”!  We are out in it everyday and we have adjusted.  I’m thrilled  to get away from the humidity for a while and so is my hair!  In  fact, I have realized that
    Exmouth Western Australia

    Sunrise run in our neighborhood

    some of my aches and pains I endure are likely due to high humidity.  Here I have felt great, very little pain in my normal hip and sciatic area and I have been running again everyday!  Feels so good to be back at it, especially with the handy, flat trail right next to our airbnb.

  10. English – it’s really nice to find ourselves back in an English-speaking country.  We get a
    Exmouth Western Australia

    Farewell Exmouth!

    kick out of trying to communicate as we go around the world, but it also is tiring and sometimes problematic.  So here we are speaking English, a somewhat different, but easy to grasp version, and we are very happy.

So, there you go.  Ten reasons I fell for Exmouth Western Australia.  I even looked at real estate listings.  It’s a sweet town – you should come and see!


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  • Reply Debra Sidor Tannet

    Great blog Laureen!! Really got a feel for this area through your pictures and explanations and writing. Though…..I would love to know what the dish is that is pictured just above the shot of your Air BNB. The only thing holding me back is……..
    When you say it’s a “tad” bit hot for your liking – that means I would no doubt die after stepping off the plane!! Looking forward to your home coming!!

    March 12, 2018 at 4:02 pm
  • Reply Debra Sidor Tanner

    Great blog Laureen!! Really got a feel for this area through your pictures and explanations and writing. Though…..I would love to know what the dish is that is pictured just above the shot of your Air BNB. The only thing holding me back is……..
    When you say it’s a “tad” bit hot for your liking – that means I would no doubt die after stepping off the plane!! Looking forward to your home coming!!

    March 12, 2018 at 4:03 pm
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