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From Limbo to Pending


I wrote a blog a couple of weeks ago about what it was like having our house on the market. Living in Limbo is the feeling you have when your house is on the market.


After 8 days on the market and more than 20 showings in that time and three offers, we accepted an offer over our asking price. We are excited about how smoothly the process went, and hopeful everything will fall into place.


So now we have gone from Limbo to Pending.


When we were in Limbo it felt like we were on a Ferris wheel that wouldn’t let us get off.   Even though it was short, it was constant. Now that we are Pending it feels like we are still on the Ferris wheel, but stuck at the top. We can see all around and far ahead from the top of this Ferris wheel, but we are not in control to get the wheel moving again.


So now we wait. Inspection. Appraisal.


Excitement. Hope.


It’s hard to plan. Should I sell the furniture? What if we need to continue to show the house? Should I rent a place for us to live temporarily? But I don’t know when exactly we will need it.


Stuck at the top of the Ferris wheel. Trying to not think about the reasons it might not work and believe in the one reason it will.



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