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Good Morning Croatia

Chapter Nine

Location: Croatia

We are back!  It’s been seven years since we visited the beautiful Mediterranean country of Croatia. When we were here before we explored in detail the Istrian Peninsula in the north and made our way to the remote Lake Plitvice National Park in the remote Northeast. Lake Plitvice remains for me one of the most amazing places I have been on this planet.

So this time we are south. Exploring the ancient towns and marvelous sights on the Adriatic. We are now in Dubrovnik and though we have only been here two full days we are awestruck. So beautiful this “rock” that is Dubrovnik.

The old town surrounded by the four-story wall is much, much larger than many similar places we have been. The sand freebeaches (rocky) are small pockets hidden in and around the 100’s of coves that are created by this rocky terrains. The literally thousands of boats in the harbor range from five foot skiffs to 400 foot mega yachts.

We will be here for two weeks. I think we will find it difficult not to be tourists here. There is so much to see, to do, to eat, to enjoy. Arne’s mom joins us next week. So we will play tourists with her and I think it will be fun. But tonight we take a peek at a local attraction when we go to an outdoor performance in the historic old fort and see Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”.

But in addition to playing tourists (seeing the islands, riding the cable car and a cooking class are all on the agenda), we must find time to do routine things too. Everything from manicure and pedicure and haircut to having our teeth cleaned is on the schedule while we are here.  Making sure we take care of the everyday things while enjoying the Grand Adventure is important.

So Dubrovnik here we are! Show us whatcha got!

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