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Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?

Chapter Nine – We finally get company

Very early in our travels and by sheer coincidence we were able to meet up for dinner with a friend of mine from high school (in Chiang Mai) and then again friends from Gig Harbor (in Saigon).

We made it clear when we left home that friends were encouraged to catch up with us and spend some time on the Grand Adventure. So far though it hasn’t happened.

Until today. Today we welcome our first visitor and actually begin a series of opportunities over the next few months to either host or hook up with friends.

Today Arne’s mom arrives from Bremerton to spend two weeks with us. We are excited.

Arne took this sign to the airport.

We are excited to see her and catch up on news from home.  We are excited to start doing the touristy things here in Dubrovnik that we have been saving for when she arrives. We are excited to take possession of the care package from home – things we have ordered and had shipped to her house that we can’t seem to get here and both need and want.

We are excited. Something new and different on the Grand Adventure.

In the months ahead we will also be visiting friends in Slovenia, seeing Erik in Portugal, visiting our friend Leslie in Tunisia and enjoying a holiday with our friends Steve and Sarah in Morocco.

But today we focus on Arne’s Mom. Welcome to Croatia Mom – Lynn – Granny!  Let the games begin!

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