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Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home

by Laureen Lund


Where do you go when you are low?

Who are your friends, when the day is end?

Find your way home, and through the front door.

And fall in love with your home once more.


Raise up those babies, till they leave the nest

Open your heart to each and every guest

Sit by the fire, and know what you’ve found

A home is the place, where you let your hair down.


Keep it and fix it and love every space

It’s more than a building, you love this place

The memories hold dear, as you find the time is right

To fold them and store them and move on from this site.


Let the next one take the precious thing

Make their own memories as fresh as the spring

Say your farewell with a tear in your eye

And look forward to the future its done, good bye







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