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Hurt So Good

Chapter Five – Fish Food and Bruises

Location: Thailand

Once I had a massage by a blind woman on the Isle of Zanzibar.

Once I had a man give me a massage in Ethiopia – he was a little too friendly.

Once I had a private massage on the beach in Maui.

And then there was the time I had the hilarious experience at the Korean Spa in Dajeon (read it again here).


Those crazy fish

But here I am in Thailand. Where I had to try letting tiny fish nibble dead skin off my toes and tiny women walk on my back. Ah Thailand you hurt so good.

The little fish really did go crazy for my feet. It was $3 to have them chew on me for 20 min. It tickled

Fish food

Fish food

like crazy at first, and then after you got used to it, it felt like little electricity running through your feet. Weird.

I’d never heard of the fish thing but I’ve heard so much about Thai massage. So of course I had to try it. So on day nine I had my first (and not my last) Thai massage.

Me and my son Dane getting our foot massage

Me and my son Dane getting our foot massage

And it cost $3.

Thai women are itty bitty things. So it is astonishing how strong they are. Holy Cow! At times it was all I could do not to yelp with pain. And yet, it also felt good. In a excruciating way. Sharp elbows digging in to my back, neck, calves and butt. She actually was on all fours on top of me at one point.

I had a 30 min body massage followed by a 30 min foot massage while my son had a 60 min foot massage. The total was 350 baht or about $10.

My foot massage

My foot massage

I’ve run the last three days in a row so I was hoping the massage would soothe my muscles. But honestly I think I will be more sore tomorrow from the massage than the running.

But I will still try it again. As soon as the bruises are gone!

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    The prices sure aren’t painful!

    December 10, 2016 at 4:06 pm
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