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I Could Get Used To This

Chapter Five

It’s been a month already. But it also feels like forever. We’ve settled in nicely and there are definitely some things I could get used to;

Sunshine every day. – I could get used to this. Sure we have seen some rain, but it rains quickly and then clears and the sun returns. I’ve always said I wanted to live somewhere where I could just go outside everyday.

No shoes in the house – I always wanted to do this back home. But we never quit made it work. My theory is because we wear different kind of shoes back home (with ties and zippers) it’s just too complicated. Here it’s easy. Flip flops on, flip-flops off. Boom.

No sheets on the bed – I like this. There is a bottom sheet but no top sheet just a light comforter. So depending how warm it is you just toss it on or off. Very comfortable.

No hair dryer  I’ve given it up.  I tried a few times, but due to the humidity, as soon as I’m done styling my hair with the hair dryer and walk outside the curls and frizz magically bounce right back. So curls it is and I’m putting my hair up everyday.

Humidity – I actually kinda like it. Despite what it does to my hair, my skin feels great.

No purse – I haven’t carried a purse in weeks.  Since I am always with my husband he carries his wallet and I just put my phone in my pocket.  It’s a very light and freeing feeling not to be burdened by a handbag.

No Alarm clock – I wake up early each morning, thanks to the birds.  Everything from chirping and cooing to a cock-a-doodle-do.  Perfect.

Walking – we walk a lot.  It is good.

Of course the food is wonderful and the people are kind. I’m not sure I will ever get used to how they drive or the grocery stores but both are an adventure and I’m always up for that!

And so we begin month two.  The Grand Adventure continues. One more week in Koh Samui then  a week in Cambodia before returning to Thailand until February 1st.  Go. Be. Fabulous – in Southeast Asia.



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  • Reply Nancy Rimel

    Love this…adaptation is the key to survival…and joy. You guys got it going on. We are in the desert for an extended stay. No return plane tickets yet. And, we brought Kittie…that was interesting on the plane. Once here (12-25) we just love it. Pool, walked an hour today (good start) exploring and relaxing. What a change…how lucky are we all? Merry Christmas to the Lunds..and Go Be Fabulous!

    December 28, 2016 at 12:07 am
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