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I left my heart in Manitoba.

Chapter Four

Location: Manitoba Canada

I wasn’t expecting it. In fact I had no expectations whatsoever. I knew nothing about Manitoba and had barely ever given it a thought. Until today.

I’ve fallen hard. So pristine and natural. So beautiful and quiet. My kinda place.

And I’ve only been here a day – and I’m only seeing a fraction of this giant province. But I like what I see. Sure it helps that the weather is amazing. Cold nights but sunny and 75 degrees during the day.

It also helps that we are here at Lake Winnipeg in the off season.  The small town here reminds me of Rehoboth or Cape Cod on a much smaller scale.  In the early part of the 1900’s it was a resort town – somewhat like that resort in the movie Dirty Dancing.  Today it’s a summer retreat for camping and water sports.  But it’s pretty quiet in late September. Most of the houses shuttered for the winter and many of the shops only open on the weekend

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I ran four miles this morning – smiling all the while. We just ate a picnic in the sun and now are enjoying a beer while a write this. The only sound I hear is the wind in the trees and the lightly lapping water at the lakes edge.

Better get up and love me some more Manitoba before we leave in the morning.  I think we’ll spend the afternoon hiking.



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