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I Left My Heart in Sacramento

Location: Sacramento California

You never hear someone say , “I’ve always dreamed of visiting Sacramento.”  That just doesn’t happen.  Sacramento doesn’t make the top destinations to see list, the top places to live lists or frankly, any lists.IMG_0551

IMG_0542But it should.

I think Sacramento is an awesome surprise, and getting better every day.  I have been here six times in the past two years to IMG_0557visit my son, and each time I am pleasantly surprised by something new; great hiking, fun cycling and fun water sports.  Professional Basketball and AAA Baseball and USL Soccer.  Outstanding dining at literally thousands of restaurants.  Wine, wine and more wine.  And wineries. Interesting history and museums, fun music and nightlife and arts and culture.  Spectacular IMG_0556weather, gorgeous scenery and super friendly people.  All within a few hours drive of Tahoe, San Fransisco, Marin, Napa, Sonoma and Monterey.  What’s not to love?

IMG_0538Even in the two years I have been coming here there is exciting developments and revitalization.  New basketball stadium is being built and a new soccer stadium is being discussed.  All while old neighborhoods with historic buildings continue to be revitalized and preserved.  Sacramento is very walkable and cyclists are safe here too.IMG_0537

This past week, during my sixth visit to Sacramento I’ve spent some time just wandering aimlessly around the city.  I took myself on a photo IMG_0451safari, capturing some images of this colorful and city and the art and graffiti that is both raw and beautiful.  I think these photos tell a great story, about a great little city.

You should visit.IMG_0468IMG_0534



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