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Ireland’s Fabulous Floral Display

We have been so incredibly on-the-go, I haven’t had much time to blog about how fabulous Ireland is. I’ll have a blog in the next few days about the spectacular scenery, but today I just wanted to briefly mention the amazing flowers. Amazing and unexpected.

At the 52nd parallel, I wasn’t expecting to find so many of the same flowers blooming as we have back in the Pacific Northwest. But even more surprising are the flowers that grow wild and free, along the roadside and in the fields.  Flowers we cultivate tenderly at home. Most astonishing are the miles and miles and miles of fuchsia hedges and the

Hydrangea with fuschia hedge

Hydrangea with fuschia hedge

thousands of acres of bright orange crocosmia. Also abundant are butterfly bush, purple fireweed, yellow rag weed and white Shasta daisy and Ladies Mantle.   Incredibly there are also a variety of palms and  yucca.

Crocosmia on the side of the road

Crocosmia on the side of the road

But by far the most beautiful are the hydrangeas. I have never seen such an abundance of hydrangeas in such incredibly flourescent tones. I have never been able to grow them this full and stunning, and yet here they seem to grow effortlessly.

Fuschia hedge

Fuschia hedge

I am enjoying the show – the splash of brilliant hues against the blue grey sky and emerald fields.

Fabulous Ireland.

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  • Reply Richard Wesson

    Palms? Yuccas? Oh my!

    August 14, 2016 at 4:51 pm
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