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Just Go Already

Chapter Five Begins

Are you as sick and tired of me talking about going on this world tour as I am sick and tired of me talking about going on this world tour?

Just go already.

Okay.  We are off.

Doctor cleared me for travel and all our final details and tasks have been completed.  I feel bad that, due to my illness, I was unable to say goodbye, in person to many people I love.  But you all know I love you.

And so we go!  Chapter Five will begin with an overnight stop in Dubai, before landing in Thailand on December 1st.  We will spend five weeks in Thailand, then a week in Cambodia, then back to Thailand for another three weeks.  Chapter Five will continue with a month in Vietnam and 9 days in Laos.  And a great deal of this time with my boys!

That will wrap up Chapter Five and our SE Asia tour.  From there it’s on to New Zealand (Chapter Six).

Thank you for following our journey.  It’s not a vacation, it’s our life and the fact that anyone finds it unique or interesting makes me happy.  If we can inspire anybody out there to shed the anchors that make you unhappy and Go Be Fabulous – then we have accomplished our dream.

Have No Fear.  Dream Big. Take Charge of Your Destiny. And most of all – Go Be Fabulous!


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  • Reply Mary Ann

    Hope you & Arne enjoy Bangkok – I lived there for three years in my pre-teen / early teen years. Went to the International School of Bangkok.

    December 4, 2016 at 8:20 pm
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