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Kaleidoscope of Lisbon Color

Chapter Ten

Location: Portugal

Get ready for an explosion of color in this beautiful and magical city. Lisbon and the surrounding area is a kaleidoscope bursting before your eyes.

The sky couldn’t possibly be more blue. The buildings are a rainbow. The architecture is sublime. The pavement and squares and gathering spaces are a mosaic of whimsical whites and greys and black. And the tiles – the amazing tiles in colorful designs that float and play with the light decorate facades everywhere.

All of this without even mentioning the colorful food, wine, people, music, taxi cabs, shops, markets, ocean and river.

We have walked and walked and marveled at this place, as pretty as any European city I have seen. Lovely Lisbon – a kaleidoscope for your senses.

More coming soon about food and special places, but today, let’s just savor the colors.


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